Yep, that’s what I thought every time I sat down today.  Even walking has provided a pretty good reminder of what transpired.  The man I love decided to make sure that last night was all about taking care of me and my needs.

He didn’t use his paddle last night.  Nope, instead, he used every other implement we have – the Cane-iac paddle, the Cane-iac double strap, a plastic hairbrush, both ends of a long-handle wooden spoon, and his hand.  I spent the first part of the evening over his knee.  While in that position, I noticed I could see an upside down view of us in a mirror that we have propped up against the wall in our game room.  My first thought was, “Why on earth does he find that view sexy?!”  Then, my eyes started to take in everything else…I watched him mix spanking with gentle rubbing.  I watched when he leaned over for a closer look to make sure that I was physically OK.  My next thought was, “Wow, I really love and trust this man.”

Eventually, he slid out from underneath me and I bent back over the tall padded stool. He randomly worked his way through our arsenal of implements.  I’m sure I felt everything multiple times – I mean he would switch back and forth among them creating a variety of sensations.  It certainly felt like this was our longest, hardest, and most thorough scene since starting TTWD.  I didn’t cry (I actually haven’t yet), but it was still just what I needed.  When he decided I’d had enough, he left the room to retrieve my Hitachi wand and the smaller of my two dildos (LOL, not the one that smells like grapes).  I took the wand from him and put it to good use while he used the dildo to stimulate that oh-so exciting internal spot until I reached that blissful release.

I really didn’t feel the depth of the soreness until I stood upright again.  Yikes!  There’s no broken skin or anything, but I definitely have marks.  🙂  My love rubbed some lotion on me and held me for a while as I drifted off to sleep.  I know I started out on my stomach last night, but every time I rolled over I remember wincing and smiling.

I am one lucky woman.  But, do you think I’m finally sated?  Even with a sore derrière, I still crave more!  Maybe not as hard, but sheesh, I crave everything about it.  Is this an addiction?  Quite possibly.  That or I must be crazy…  Oh well, at least I’ll die happy! ;-P

About Jay

I am an independent, levelheaded young woman who enjoys being spanked.

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  1. All that, and no tears?! Good grief! I have cried a few times, but mine are discipline related and the guilt gets to me faster than the pain does. But I have to take my time with my lover…I don't think he's quite ready for me to introduce the idea of “just because I want the release” spanks. I'm still not quite ready to take that plunge myself, although I'm sure I'll get there eventually. Right now I'm focused on breaking some of the worst of my personal habits and weaknesses that mirror my mother too closely for comfort. Once I feel like he's fully convinced of its worth, we'll try to experiment with playing just because I want to.


  2. That sounds like a wonderful evening. Thanks for sharing.


  3. JJ – We actually haven't tried spanking for discipline yet – I/we've thought about it but we still aren't too sure about it. Ours has mostly been for foreplay…although, if I start feeling sad or depressed, then a few well-placed swats will usually perk me up. I hope you stop by again and good luck with your journey! I'd love to hear more about it sometime. 🙂

    Emerging Lurker – Thank you! It was a wonderful evening, and I think I returned the favor pretty well last night. 😉


  4. I know very well that feeling of being so damn sore, but still wanting more. I call it “the spirit is willing, but the flesh is trashed.” Addicted? Yeah, probably. But really, of all the addictions out there, isn't it the most harmless and lovely? It won't make you fat, drunk, sick, or kill you. Or make you go broke. 🙂


  5. Erica – (laughing) Actually, it could make us go broke. All we would have to do is attend all of the spanking parties – after all that, we'd be unbelievably sore, higher than the clouds, and extremely broke. Sounds fantastic!


  6. Ha! Good point! I was thinking more along the lines of a gambling or shopping addiction. 😀


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