Everything Will Be Okay

I had many false starts when it came to writing a post this week.  At first, I wanted to write about my father-in-law and get out how much we all miss him, then I changed my mind and wanted to write about how wildly life can change from week to week.  But how I feel right now really sums up to the following sentiment which I found by wandering through Google images with the search phrase "it will be okay." 
Last night, my fiancé held me while I had a small meltdown and cried.  I tend to focus so much on taking care of others that I don't allow myself time to deal with my own emotions, so that when I finally breakdown or blowup, it seems that I'm really upset about nothing at all when it's really a bunch of things. That's just who I am.  I can handle being thrown into a crisis by taking control, getting stuff done, and planning things out because I am levelheaded and can think clearly by pushing my emotions down.  But in doing so, I stretch myself thin and wear myself out. 
When the dust finally starts to settle, I begin to feel and that's when I need someone there to help brush the dust off of me.  My fiancé has been that someone, and I am very thankful that we have been able to be there for each other.  I know it has been extremely rough on us - both as individuals and as a couple, but I do not regret going through any of it together.

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I am an independent, levelheaded young woman who enjoys being spanked.

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  1. Biggest hugs to you, dear. We all need our rocks, and I'm sure you are his as well. ♥


  2. Erica – Sending hugs to you as well! Yes, he has told me that I am his rock too. Thank you! ♥


  3. I can only echo Erica and send lots of hugs. Remember the most important person to take care of is you


  4. For me, it is usually when the immediate crisis has been taken care of (by me) and my adrenaline drains that I realize that I too need a touch of love or friendship. I'm glad he is there for you. With a hug, Jon


  5. Don – Thank you! I'll try to remember that.

    Jon – I'm glad I can count on him as much as he counts on me.


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