Blogger or WordPress – WordPress or Blogger

So, you may ask why am I still posting on both Blogger and WordPress. Well, there are a few reasons.

1) Via StatCounter, I noticed not many readers are clicking the link to my new blog on WordPress.

2) Via WordPress Stats, there were maybe 10 visitors in the last week. Also, I have no idea how to get StatCounter working with WordPress.

3) WordPress has some cool features that I like, but so far a big issue I am having with it is that WordPress’ Blogs I Follow is not updating properly. It is either a few days behind or skipping updates altogether. (Right now, Hermione’s Top Shelf post isn’t showing on WordPress.)

4) Sometimes Blogger has compatibility issues with my iPhone browser (isn’t Chrome a Google-run browser? Maybe someone should remind them of that). Yesterday, I couldn’t comment at all because it wouldn’t load the comment box, then when it finally did load, my comment disappeared.

5) All my old stats don’t transfer from Blogger to WordPress which absolutely sucks. I’m sure I can figure out how to work around getting my favorite posts to show up on the side bars, but it is cool when readers are the reason posts are Most Popular and I don’t choose them myself.

All of these items have led me to where I am at the moment – in a holding pattern. I think the best I can do for now is really give both a proper try for a while, which means I will probably be posting in both locations. I love that there is a Like button on WordPress…I suppose I could activate the Google Plus thing and try that for Blogger. I also love the look and feel of my new blog, so maybe I’ll tweak Blogger and try a new look. (Maybe.)

Also, DtBHC brought it to my attention that exists. It seems like a pretty cool idea, but I’m not sure how many people are currently using it. Also, is the interface identical to WordPress? Since I haven’t really gotten used to WordPress yet or decided to truly stop posting on Blogger, I think I’ll wait before really considering Fetblogger.

So, because I am being so indecisive, I’ll leave it to you which of my blogs you want to actually follow. My preference is actually Blogger for now – sorry for those that already changed links, feeds, etc. Also, since no one has made a comment on WordPress yet, I’m thinking maybe you could keep leaving comments on Blogger for now. Then, I’ll just re-import to WordPress later to keep comments up-to-date there. (Just a personal preference as I’d hate to lose comments before the dust settles…maybe I’ll disable comments on WordPress and leave a link to come back to Blogger…)

Sorry for all the confusion – just imagine what it’s like in my head at the moment. (sigh) I am definitely open to advice, tips, and comments about the blogging platforms, so feel free to comment.

About Jay

I am an independent, levelheaded young woman who enjoys being spanked.

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  1. zekesbestgirl

    I like wordress better personally. I’ve tried both. I also have a Blogger account but never post there. too much work to do both. Hope you find one that works well. 🙂


  2. zekesbestgirl – My biggest issue with WordPress at the moment is the Reader not being up-to-date. Most, if not all, of the Blogger blogs I am following seem to be significantly delayed. I guess I could always keep using Blogger’s version of a reader as well.


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