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What are you afraid of?

I am afraid…
that I was/am not enough.
that I have failed.
that I won’t be able to help.

I am afraid…
of being lied to again.
of being hurt emotionally.
of losing him and not being able to do anything about it.

A few months ago, he told me I was being co-dependent. I’m sure we were arguing at the time, but he also told me I was being too needy, too clingy, and that I wanted too much. In hindsight, I think he was just trying to alleviate his guilt and make me feel bad. It definitely made me feel bad, but was what he said true? Sure, we all experience some minor co-dependent behaviors. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t feel good when they give someone a gift and the receiver lights up like it was best present ever. Also, in hindsight, I now understand what was going on outside of the argument. He was trying to juggle his time among his brother, getting high, and me. I had started to feel like he was choosing his brothers over me when that was only partially true. They were all busy trying not to feel the death of their father by getting high. In doing so, they spent lots of time together both day and night. There were many nights that I went to bed alone, even on nights when we had sex. He may or may not have joined me hours later. I don’t think I ever thought that I was truly losing him, but I did feel like he was pulling away from me. Sex was beginning to feel like a moment of elation followed by a lonely crash. I missed him. I started to feel like the only time he was there emotionally was when we were having sex or when we were both crying because I finally broke down and tried to explain what I was feeling.

I think that on some level most of us experience co-dependent behaviors when we are trying to get to and are in a submissive mindset. The desire to please, attuned to what he wants, feeling self-conscious, and any guilty feelings if something goes awry. All of these feelings are normal. However, when I started feeling like I had moved down on the list of his priorities, when I started feeling like I was the only one taking care of the boys, when I found out he was lying to me, when I thought he no longer wanted to spend time with me, and when I believed what I said and felt no longer mattered,…then all of those co-dependent tendencies intensified.

Then came the feelings of helplessness, anger, fear, and hurt. My self-worth had taken a hit. I felt guilty that I had turned a blind eye towards the signs. I felt that my heart and trust had taken a major blow.

Even though I recognize the signs of co-dependency, I don’t believe that I am truly co-dependent because I can function on my own, and when I am aware of what is going on I do not obsess about where he is or what he’s doing. Yes, I do enjoy spending time with him and doing things together, but there are some things that I don’t jump all into because they aren’t my thing. For instance, he likes playing with audio speakers – I don’t mind messing with them for a while but I tend to get bored with it so I’ll do something else in the same room. A lot of the time when I do feel needy and clingy, it’s because I don’t want to lose him, and honestly what do you expect after what we’ve been through?

I know that what happened wasn’t my fault, but I hate how powerless I feel. When I choose to let go of control when we play or have sex, it’s because I feel safe, cared for, and I trust him. But feeling powerless when it comes to an addiction is absolutely terrifying. I hate feeling like I’m not enough, like I’m going to lose him. I hate watching him walk out of the door because I don’t know if he’s coming back and not because he doesn’t want to come home, but because he won’t be able to.

He has been sober for almost 7 weeks, and I am very proud of him. Even though drinking isn’t the problem, he started going to AA meetings this week and it is helping him gain perspective and let’s him remember he isn’t alone in his addiction. I am considering attending an Al-anon meeting, but I’m afraid it’ll be full of stories of abuse and people trying to let go and back off of their loved ones for their own safety or for tough love. My story isn’t one of abuse and trying to get out. I want to stay and support him. I want him to see what he has right in front of him. I realize I have no control over what someone else does, but how do you deal with it when what he does affects you? Step back? Stop caring? Don’t get upset? In my mind if I pull the focus from him, then all I am doing is learning to live without him. How does that help us?

Honestly, I believe that he won’t do it again, and I know he feels terrible about what he did. In addition to the legal issues that are still looming, he also lost his job on March 24th. We mostly finished one of his side jobs but we are still waiting on payment – the guy owes us $2,400. His second side job has gone over the original estimated one week of work by two weeks due to rain and working by himself. He also reduced his quote because he was concerned he wouldn’t get work, but when you do the math…that means he is making significantly less than minimum wage because of gas (job location is an hour out) and time lost. He has made some headway with things around the house – fixed lawnmower, fixed weedeater, built lean-to for dad, finished most of the siding work on a large shed, fixed leak in roof, etc. There are still things on the list that even I get overwhelmed thinking about it all. We have things that we can sell, but even they need to be fixed first – two vehicles and a camper.

Today, he went to quote a job and apply for a job. I definitely do not want him to get depressed or lose hope. I want him to get better, deal with the past, and learn how to cope. I am feeling the emotions of the past in triggered spurts, but I need to work on figuring out how to let it go and overcome the fear. It is hard when an action or a word reminds me or makes me question. He is doing very well at letting me know his plans for the day and calling me if things change or he is going to be late. Those simple things help alleviate so much stress, worry, and fear. I do trust him…but trusting without fear will have to come back in time. I hope you understand that I am not afraid of him nor am I afraid that he will do anything to purposely hurt me in any way. I am not afraid of relapse but I am afraid he will be taken from me because of a relapse.

Posting is so hard these days. I want to share what I’m feeling, because I need to get it out and not avoid my own emotions. I also hope that maybe others will have their own story to share even if it’s anonymously.

I’m sorry this isn’t a spanking related post. Erotic spankings definitely still occur and are thoroughly enjoyable, but this post is just about life and what’s on my mind right now.

Please feel free to leave comments (anonymously or not) about your experiences with addictions, AA or Al-anon meetings, other group meetings, or just general support. Every little bit helps and maybe you’ll even be helping someone else who wanders on to this post.


One year ago as of this last Monday, May 4th, I published my first post on this blog. This version of Relativity has been so much more involved and satisfying than it’s predecessor…mostly because I was a teenager in high school dealing with silly high school drama during the first time around. Today, Relativity is about sharing and keeping a record of my adult life and the topics range from every day things to erotic moments, from sadness to happiness, and from all events in between that make up what we call life. I can definitely say that I’ve had many highs and many lows over the last year. One of the things you find out about following blogs and blogging yourself is that you are never really alone. Someone else has gone, is going, or will go through situations similar to your own and sharing those experiences help both the writer and the reader. Tom and I have had a lot of support from all of you, my readers, over the last year and I want to thank all of you for taking the time to stop by. I know I haven’t been posting as often as I used to, but I am still here and I look forward to continuing to be here.

I also look forward to some time over Tom’s knee or over the bed like this…
Yes, that’s me in the photo.

Livia Grant’s Having It All is now available!

Livia Grant‘s Having It All was released last week! This is the third book in the Passion Series which started with Wanting it All and was followed by Securing It All. Having It All shares Markus and Brianna’s journey as they alter their vanilla relationship into a D/s relationship. They explore each other in a new way which makes their connection to each other stronger than before and we get to see the renewed excitement they have in each other after having worked past her infidelity and the secrets they were keeping from each other.

Along with witnessing this couple’s changing dynamics, we also get fully involved in their best friends’ budding relationship. Lukus and Tiffany have varying degrees of experience in BDSM. Lukus is a Master of Masters and Tiffany has only ever been to a few BDSM clubs and read lots of erotic books. After falling head over heels for each other, Lukus slowly introduces Tiffany to what she’s been missing. As with any new relationship, they hit a few bumps along the way as they get to know each other, but the connection they develop is absolutely amazing.

Brianna and Tiffany are strong and independent women, yet they both realize they need something more. They both desire to be taken in hand and Markus and Lukus are just the men to give them what they want without changing who they are at their core. Each person learns how to change and bend for the one he or she loves and it is very exciting to watch as it happens. This book takes us along for the ride as they start enjoying having it all.

It’s a little scary just how much I identify with Tiffany and the way she feels…her confusion, desire, wants, needs, fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, etc. I love following the development of all the characters – how they bend to each other as they begin to explore new their new relationship dynamics. Love is an amazing emotion and it really shines through in each of the characters as the story continues to play out. Needless to say, I cannot wait for the next book!

Congratulations, Livia, on another job well done! Thank you for creating a world that I love visiting time and again.

Don’t shutdown and don’t give up.

First, I want to thank everyone who has stopped by to leave a comment and provide support. Believe me, it helps and means a lot to know that you all are out there reading, sympathizing, and providing emotional and spiritual support where you can. I am not alone. We are not alone.

I’m still kind of at a loss as to what I want to share and talk about. I’ll think about sitting down and starting a post, but I’ll start to think about everything that happened before and what’s going on now. Then, I’ll decide I don’t want to deal with thinking too much so I’ll stop and won’t even begin the post. I don’t want to shutdown and honestly I don’t feel like I am totally withdrawn because I am talking to Tom. I am asking questions about the past and trying to better understand what’s happened. I am afraid of what we can’t control about the future, but I have this sense of hope and I feel like everything will work out. If I didn’t have that hope, then I think I would probably fall to pieces and not be able to function. I know that what we can control of the future looks pretty damn bright to me, so I want so desperately for things to just please work out. It doesn’t even have to be the easiest way possible…all I am asking for is to find a road in the right direction.

I took Tom to the doctor last week so that we could get a recommendation on a counselor because I really believe that he needs to work through issues from childhood, grieve for his father, and find a way to cope with the rougher days of ADHD. Then, we can also focus on our relationship together.

This week, I’m trying to find out if Tom’s medical insurance accepts the recommended counselor and set up the first appointment. So far, I think that this one may be out of network which means we might have to try someone else if we can’t afford it.

Last night, Tom asked me why I haven’t posted anything and wondered if I had given up on blogging. I told him I haven’t given up but that I didn’t know what to say or what to share. He knows that normally I would write about recent spankings, but I haven’t done that in a while…not that there haven’t been recent spankings around here. I got spanked for both my birthday on the 31st and his birthday on the 13th. I’ve also been spanked for fun and had few 3-lick consequences come my way. The desire to write is there, but the will and motivation to get started is not.

Yesterday, I really wanted a long, sound spanking but since I didn’t know how I wanted it or for what reason I couldn’t bring myself to tell him about it until we were cuddling after we had tried something new to me.

(NOTE: Anal play ahead…if it’s not your cup o’ tea, then skip the next four paragraphs.)

He said early on that he wanted to help give me something to write about, so he decided to pull out a few implements and our Ziploc bag of anal plugs of various sizes. This wasn’t totally out of the ordinary and we have used the two smallest plugs before so I wasn’t really worried. He started out spanking me while I pleasured him orally. It’s strange how I used to hate giving blow jobs, but I actually do not mind giving Tom pleasure in that way and he certainly enjoys them.

As my level of sexual excitement increased, he picked up the lube and inserted the second to smallest plug. Since it didn’t bother me at all, he switched it for the next size up which also slid in without much resistance. Because we hadn’t tried this size before, he let me get used to it before pumping it in and out. He then asked if I was ready for the next one. I think on a normal day I probably would have told him no, but for some reason, I offered no resistance. I wanted to trust him completely again, so I let go of control. He picked up the largest one and very slowly eased it in place. This one felt a bit uncomfortable, but I was willing myself to get used to it and it helped when he admitted to me that he was actually smaller around than this one. He made me even more aroused by spanking me a few times as he played with it. Then, he pulled it out and slid a condom on while I grabbed my vibrator.

I placed the vibrator against my clit, put my ass in the air and laid my head on the bed. He lubed up and very gently eased his cock into my ass. I was rather surprised (and relieved, LOL) when his hips made contact with my butt. After a few moments, he started to slowly pull out and push back in. The sensations were definitely different. With the help of my vibrator, it didn’t take long before I was close to an orgasm. Tom ramped up to a hard and fast pace and we were both thrown over the edge into orgasmic bliss.

It took us both a few minutes to recover and roll off the bed to clean up. He asked me what I thought about it and I said that I had enjoyed it, but definitely would not want to do it very often. It is still very much awkward, although I do like the smallest plugs.

When we got back into bed, I finally mentioned that I would like to get a longer spanking. I can’t remember if I tried to explain it much, but after thinking about it more I believe I know what I’m looking for now. I’m wanting the intimacy of being over his knee. I want to be reassured as my bottom is warmed with his hand. I want to feel cherished as the leather kisses my cheeks. I want to cry and start letting go of the stress as the paddle smacks away the pain from the past. I want to feel relief and calm down as he holds me close because, after all we’ve been through, I am his.

I know I am asking a lot and I know everything won’t magically be better, but it’s a start.

Sorry, all. I realize this post seems very disjointed (or at least it does to me), but I’m glad to finally have a post put together enough to publish.

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”

For two weeks, I have been stuck. I haven’t known what to say or do. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share what was going on, but I’ve needed support and didn’t know how to ask for it. My trust had been broken. I’m not talking about an affair or abuse. I’m talking about how someone else’s choice of a coping mechanism turned into an addiction, into poor decisions, into taking risks that were never worth the possibility of losing everything.

I am and have been broken, terrified, sad, lost, angry, upset, hurt…and yet still a glimmer of hope exists. Belief that trust can be rebuilt exists. Love beyond measure still exists.

On March 24th, I had the rug pulled out from under my feet. I knew something wasn’t right and hadn’t been right for a while. Things between us had been going downhill fast since his dad passed away back in September. I couldn’t figure out why. We started arguing more. He was spending less time with the kids that we were taking care of, so I had to step up with the cleaning, homework, food, etc. He was spending less time with me and more time with his brothers when they were here. He would be up all night with them. When they weren’t here, he started working more and stay up late by himself. We started arguing more…about the kids, the money, and his brothers.

I never could place my finger on it. I just knew it got worse when other people were here. I tried to talk about it and explain to him what I saw or what I thought was happening, but it was easy to make excuses. He hadn’t talked to his brothers in thirteen years. Their dad had just died. We had kids who weren’t ours to raise. They are family.

…but in the mean time, we didn’t invite my family down from 150-200 feet away. Why? Because my parents are nosy and I didn’t want them to notice that anything was wrong. I didn’t want them to judge Tom and his family too harshly. But, they were starting to notice things from afar. They could look down from their home and see that lights were on all through the night. They could see that the brothers were up a lot and sleeping at odd hours. Despite what I said, they could tell Tom was pulling away from me just from the amount he worked or the amount of time it looked like they were all awake at night.

On the 24th, he got his rude awakening – his wake up call. Right now, I hope beyond hope that we can overcome the legal issues that have arisen, in whatever way they turn out. Against all odds, I see a silver lining through my tears. I finally see the man I fell in love with again – the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. All this time, I was lost, but so was he.

We both know this cannot be fixed overnight. It took the course of six months to get to where we are. Six months of being kept in the dark, of secrets, and of lies. It is going to take a lot to earn back trust. I was hurt because I thought he was getting tired of me. I felt guilty because I thought I was being selfish. I was angry because I thought he wasn’t listening. I felt like he was just pushing me away and I couldn’t figure out why I was losing him.

Now, I worry that this might happen again. I feel guilty because I feel I could have done more to notice the signs earlier or prevent it from occurring. I’m angry because I feel like he let this happen. I feel like he took a risk and could have lost everything. Was it worth it? Was it worth the pain that I know he could see in my eyes? Was it worth allowing me to believe it was me?

Among my turmoil of emotions, I also feel an odd sense of strength. I feel vindicated that I knew something was wrong but wasn’t sure what and that I had been right in knowing his judgement had been altered. I knew that it couldn’t all be me. I know that I am not a selfish person.

For some reason, I feel it is worth to note what I was thinking the moment I got the phone call that yanked the rug out from under me. Stupid things crossed my mind…like “but my birthday is next week and yours is two weeks later, but we just bought the wedding ring, but we’re supposed to get married in December, but I just paid the bill, but we haven’t even had a vacation alone together, but we are finally alone again in our house, but what if I want to have a baby,” and it goes on…right down to the question of, “was it worth it?”

I do believe addiction is a disease, but I also believe that you have an initial choice that you are in control of and what you choose is entirely up to you. What are you willing to risk, and ultimately, is it worth it?

Despite all that has happened, I have also experienced periods of being wonderfully happy again in the last two weeks. We’ve worked together putting flooring down in a house. We went on a picnic. We’ve watched movies together. I’ve even been spanked a few times for fun.

I do not want you to judge Tom because I have not shared everything with you. You do not know about his past or all of the circumstances. I do know about his past and I can sympathize with the situation because hindsight is 20/20. That does not mean I agree with everything that has happened, and I am certainly feeling all kinds of emotions that I need to deal with. He absolutely needed the rude awakening. He is ashamed and has regret for what he has put us through…what he has put me through. He is human and he made a mistake that snowballed out of control. He realizes he should have been honest from the beginning and has agreed to certain rules that we must live by in order for me to begin trusting again. We have to help each other through this because neither of us is ready to throw in the towel and walk away.

Pulled from Armani Soul’s Facebook Page.

We have a long and difficult road ahead of us and unfortunately it will probably be peppered with events where we cannot be sure of the outcome nor how it will affect our future, but…we will try to do everything we can to make the best of it. 


Another year older…


I’m 27 today! 🙂

Not many answers this week, but I do have questions…

Two weeks ago, I felt light-hearted and hopeful.

Last week, I felt the weight of the world.

I can’t explain it, but it was definitely hard to get and stay out of bed. I want to say I feel a little lost…like I’ve wandered into a fog and have lost my sense of direction, not in a spiritual sense…more in an emotional sense.

This week, I don’t have any answers yet, but I am cautiously optimistic. Also, I do have some questions for you, dear readers, and I hope you will take a moment to answer them either in a comment here or on your own blog. If you choose to write your own post, please leave a comment and let me know where to look.

  1. What made you happy when you were younger?
  2. What makes you happy now?
  3. What do you think will make you happy in the future?
  4. Do any of these answers change if you get married? If you have children?

You do not have to, but please respond with your age or the age range in which you fall…(18-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 60+). I would like to see how our answers vary with respect to where we are in age. I understand that maturity and experience can vary with the individual, but I wanted to see if there were any noticeable patterns.

I apologize in advance if you see this post multiple times, but I might bump it up a few times so I don’t miss anyone who might like to participate.

Thank you!

Oh, I forgot to add that it’s okay if you aren’t sure what your answers are to these questions – I want to know that too.

First Q&A – Part 3

Anonymous asked, “I understand you have to be discrete, but would every consider posting more photos?”

I’m not saying I wouldn’t consider it, but I’m definitely not promising anything.

Ronnie asked, “Do you have a favourite colour in knickers:)?”

My favorite color is blue, but I also think I look good in red or black. 🙂

“Do you have a spanking fantasy, a scene that thrills?”

Hmm, I enjoy imagining the love of my life tossing me on the bed, flipping me face down, and securing my wrists and ankles. Then, he’ll pull out a blindfold and have fun playing with my body and my senses. Perhaps just letting me feel or making me guess what he is using. All implements and toys are available for him to choose from. He can fuck, spank, and/or play. It’s completely up to him whether I experience pain, pleasure, or both. This fantasy stems from a stories like this one on Literotica called “Tie Me Up Game.”

“What first attracted you to Tom?”

Hehe, my dad and I hired Tom to remodel my house. I bought a house and three acres in September of 2012.  We spent about two months tearing out all the wall panels, carpets, electrical wires, and all of the kitchen cabinets. We started wiring one room when we decided we were going to need help. Dad called someone who used to work where we work and that guy just happened to hand the phone to Tom. We set up a meeting time and Tom came out to give us a quote. Over the next few months, I got to watch him as he worked on my house. He is strong and rugged, yet kind and gentle. He is very thoughtful and cares a lot about his work. He had no idea I was watching him at the time, but I was attracted to seeing his muscles flex while he was working, listening to him be in control and calmly give direction to his crew. He also treated me with respect and cared about what I thought as he worked.

One day about two months after he started working, he walked towards me and I flashed him a smile. He said, “That is the most beautiful smile I have ever seen.” It stopped him dead in his tracks and he asked, “Is that smile for me?”

Not long after, we started dating and have been together ever since.

Thanks for your questions, Anonymous and Ronnie!

First Q&A – Part 2

Leigh Smith asked, “Are you planning a big wedding?”

Not really.  It will mostly be for family and very close friends.  My current plan is to have it at a restored fire department building downtown.  I’m not planning anything fancy…I’m hoping it’ll be more like a fun get-together and then we can run off together on our honeymoon.  It’ll be our first real vacation – just the two of us. 🙂

Thank you for your question!


In other news, I think I’ve decided to keep both Blogger and WordPress in use at least for now.  I’ll leave it to you which you would prefer to follow.

First Q&A

DelFonte (from Blogger) asked, “Could you tell me a little about yourself and why you started blogging?”

The first question is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be because I wasn’t sure which direction to go in. I decided to give a brief summary about my life now and I’ll refer you to my first post, A Bit of Background Info, for a more in-depth description. I will be 27 at the end of the month which is when I will receive my first real birthday spanking! I am a mechanical engineer who gets to hear fun buzzwords every day. I got engaged to Tom last year on March 1st, and we are working toward getting married around Christmas of this year. Life has thrown us a lot to deal with in the last year, and it’s left us feeling tired and worn out. Our love for each other has kept us going strong, and now that things are quieting down, maybe we can slow down a little and just enjoy the scenery for a while.

Blogging has become my way of keeping a journal and expressing myself even though I have never been able to keep a personal journal to save my life. I find it therapeutic because I can get some of my feelings out and I know someone is out there listening even if they don’t always reply. I hope that maybe it might help someone out there to hear about where I’ve been, where I am now, and where I want to go. I started blogging to share experiences, hear other’s opinions, and gain perspective. This community has been a wonderful place to do just that and I am amazed at the amount support we, as a community, don’t hesitate to give to one another.

Thanks for your question, DelFonte, and welcome to my blog! 🙂