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Here comes the cavalry!

I know it's been a while since my last post, but we have been busy getting ready for guests.  Everyone is arriving / has arrived today!  Over the last week, we have managed to get my parents mostly moved in, and my fiancé and I have made our home  presentable.  I'm very proud of how we've pulled together and helped each other get everything ready for our relatives. 
It's definitely been a stressful week, but thankfully, we did manage to fit in a little time to quickly test our new spanking toys!  The triangular box arrived from Cane-iac last Thursday, and we eagerly opened it that night. We placed each toy on the bed as we pulled it out of the box.  The expansion to our arsenal included the leather ping pong paddle, the spanking buddy, and the tear jerker set. 
I guess I should have taken the time to write down a quick review after we played, but I was just too exhausted at the time.  I'll try to recall my first impressions of each implement and I'm sure if I forget something I'll post about it after I find myself receiving my second impression.  ;-P 
The leather ping pong paddle is a two-sided paddle with fur on one side and leather on the other.  This one provides sting on the leather side and a light thud on the other.  We already have a rectangular version of this paddle but we were looking for something of better quality.  Our existing one seemed to have a rough/scratchy bite along the edge of the paddle.  So far, the only complaint is that the handle is a little too wide making it awkward to wield - but that's not my problem. 😉 
The spanking buddy slips onto the Top's hand and protects him/her from any damage while not compromising the experience for the bottom.  In my case, I think it actually protects me as well as him.  Some days his contractor's hands are really rough and dry (or have remnants of spray foam or grout on them) from work, so his hands are a bit too scrathcy on my skin especially if I'm feeling particularly sensitive.  The spanking buddy gives me the smack of the leather with some nice thud all-in-one.  It is more intense than his hand (which I love dearly on its own) but I do like the added protection so we don't unintentionally hurt each other. 
And, for the grand finale of this week's Cane-iac order, we have the tear jerker set.  This included the delrin SR 30" and the JR 18" canes.  Both are 1/4" in diameter and are very flexible.  I recall that the 30" is more flexible so it stings more and the 18" is less flexible which leads to more thud.  I'm sure I could bore you to death with the mechanics of moment arms and how increasing the distance affects force and the ridgidity of the material, but I think I slept through part of that class so I'll spare the [technical] rod.  (haha!) 
Do I have a favorite? I don't know - I've slept since Thursday!  I suppose that means I'll need another assessment.
Note: I'll add links later when I have access to my computer...I'm attempting to post this from my iPhone so not sure if it'll work!
Edit: I've added the links and I'd like to thank Cane-iac for their effort in getting my order to me as quickly as they did!